If you’re starting a new WordPress website you’re gonna need the best cheap WordPress Hosting. This is not the sexiest topic it’s kind of like the life insurance of the building your new website world. So let’s just get you through this decision quickly.

So you know for sure where to go to get the best bang for your buck as a small business. So I do have a pretty definitive winner that’s going to be the best choice for about 90-95% of you. So you can be confident in just pulling the trigger on this.

There are some expert judgment calls I needed to make on certain criteria.

Here so speaking of criteria what will the contenders be judged on exactly.

We’ll be looking at five factors

  • Speed
  • Uptime
  • Newbie friendliness
  • Support
  • Cost

Now let’s Meet our contestants we have

  1. Siteground
  2. Bluehost
  4. DreamHost
  5. WPengine
  6. Kinsta
  7. Hostinger
  8. A2 Hosting
  9. Inmotion
  10. Hostgator
  11. GoDaddy
  12. GreenGeeks.

Quite a list now for every host the most Basic plan was used. And the same basic website was loaded onto each. Just to make sure that the comparisons were you know all apples to apples.

So let’s Start with our first criteria


So it’s important to know that Google recommends a maximum load time on any given page to be no longer than 3 seconds.

So who were the fastest.

Within the us Bluehost was fastest at 0.3 seconds which is actually really good followed by inmotion at 1.2 seconds.

And at number three we have a three-way tie between GoDaddy Hostgator and Flywheel each right around 1.3 seconds.

Now obviously the size of the page matters but what we’re really measuring.

Here is who serves up the same size page the fastest and Bluehost is the clear winner for this category.


Next up let’s look at uptime which is just you know the percentage of time that the site was actually up and working. So ideally this would always be a 100%. But even as tech gets better things still do go wrong occasionally and this one’s easy.

hosting uptime

These three all had a perfect 100% uptime over those days.

We’re talking Flywheel Bluehost and Hostgator. But beyond that all our contenders did pretty well here. Except uh GoDaddy dipped down to 88% back in December meaning that the test site was down for 12% of that month. Not what you want to see for sure.

Newbie Friendliness

Now let’s move on to our top three Newbie friendly choices. This does come down to judgment on some level. But in my opinion these three hosts are just hands down the easiest to get up and running with. Even if you’ve never bought hosting or you’ve never had to install WordPress in your life.

Now, these three are in no particular order Siteground, Flywheel, and Bluehost right. They all have a really nice clean user experience. They don’t feel overwhelming like some Of the other choices on the list. And they all make it incredibly easy to Install your WordPress In just a few clicks.

So you can literally buy your plan and be inside your WordPress dashboard creating your new site within about 3 minutes.


This one is super important especially If you’re a newbie and that’s customer support. You know how easy is it going to be to get help when you need it. I don’t know about you but if a company doesn’t have a phone or at least a live chat line for support.

I’m out right I don’t want to mess with Help tickets and Emails. There’s just way too much back and forth over a prolonged period of time. I don’t like it so with most things being equal here.

Most of the hosting companies having pretty good support scores. All of them have live chat support available.

I made my final choices here just based on who also has phone support what I do consider to be the gold standard of when you need something fixed.

So first of all GoDaddy does have phone support. But there are times when you have to wait a really long time. So I’m going to knock them off the list. The competition here is just too stiff first to put up with that right.

Also WPengine has phone support but only if you’re on a higher ticket plan. So they’re out too.

So what we’re left With here is GreenGeeks, Siteground, Bluehost & Hostinger and A2 Hosting .


Okay now for what you might be most interested in and that’s the price.

Now I will say maybe price isn’t your biggest priority. But this article is all about the best cheap WordPress hosting plan.

So I’m gonna be weighing it into my final decision for sure along with all the other quality scores.

Let’s see our three most affordable options.

hosting price

Best Cheap WordPress Hosting

So coming in at the cheapest we have Hostinger $1.59 at per month that’s super cheap Followed by DreamHost 2.59$.

I’m giving The edge to Hostinger with honorable mentions for Siteground and Flywheel all three of them are pretty excellent choices.

But with those other two coming in at $6.99 and $13 respectively I do think Hostinger is just the best overall quality to price value on my list. It’s the best cheap WordPress hosting.

I’m not just blindly recommending this to you my own site is Hosted on Hostinger as well.

Final Thought

To summarize, if you are looking for bargain prices and fast loading times, then Hostinger is your best option. You can also read the review of Hostinger.

However, if you want unlimited resources (bandwidth, storage, and websites) or superior support, then Bluehost is for you.