What is the difference between Nexcess and Liquid Web? you might be asking yourself. Currently, there’s not much content over it which is why I came to over this.

There is a simple difference between Nexcess and Liquid Web in this article, it is not adding with extra confusing details.

The reason for the confusion might be their pricing, features or any other thing.

So what is the difference?
In simple words, Liquid Web and Nexcess are two young brothers they are partners.

Liquid Web is a leader in Dedicated Servers, Cloud Servers and in VPS hosting. It also provides CMS solutions like Managed WordPress, Managed WooCommerce, Managed Magento, and Cloud sites but remains a leader in Dedicated, Cloud and VPS.

So if you want to host your website on dedicated servers then Liquid Web is best for you. Liquid Web is secure, fast, reliable and hassle-free hosting. Liquid Web is unbeatable in cloud and hybrid environments.

While as Nexcess is for those customers who use CMS like WordPress or others for their website. If you want Managed WordPress Hosting or Manage WooCommerce Hosting for your website then Nexcess is the best for you.

Nexcess provides Managed WordPress Hosting, Managed WooCommerce Hosting, Managed Magento Hosting, Flexible Cloud Hosting, and Enterprise Hosting.

Nexcess is the fully managed WordPress solution to build well-optimized sites for high-quality traffic.

Confusion gone! Really No, not yet.

You might want to know the other things about Liquid Web and Nexcess.

There is a little bit of difference between Nexcess and Liquid Web based on their Plans.

Below is a brief clarification of their plans

Liquid Web and Nexcess comparison


Both Nexcess and Liquid Web offers 24/7 support via email, phone and live chat. There is a great knowledgeable staff who always assists in a friendly way just call or submit a ticket or reach out by chat you will be assisted.


Nexcess and Liquid Web have 100% uptime. They are one of the fastest hosting providers no need to worry about slow website loading.

Control Panel

The admin panels are similar to cPanel. Liquid Web offers cPanel Admin, InterWorx and Plesk. While as Nexcess offers cPanel and Plesk of all Plans except Managed WordPress hosting.


Both Nexcess and Liquid Web offers free site migration. If you are about to migrate your website you don’t need to pay extra.


Both Nexcess and Liquid Web offers free CDN services. No matter what kind of website you have you can use free CDN services like Cloudflare for delivering the content globally.

Site Staging

Well, who doesn’t want to test new changes in their website. By choosing the Nexcess or Liquid Web you will be able to do site staging without any problem, without any extra charges, which is a great feature included in these hosting providers. 

Extra Stuff

Nexcess and Liquid Web are not limited to features they also come with some cool interesting stuff.

Premium tools like Astra Pro, AffiliateWP, ConvertPro and advanced analytics with Glew.io are also included in Nexcess with WordPress without extra charges.

Liquid Web also comes with Beaver Builder Lite, iThemes Security Pro and iThemes Sync with WordPress. It also comes with some kind of cool interesting stuff with Managed WooCommerce Hosting without extra costs to you.

For which Liquid Web and Nexcess is best for

Liquid Web is recommended for mid or high-level experts. If you need Dedicated Servers, Cloud Hosting, Virtual Private Servers or HIPAA Compliant Hosting then Liquid Web is best for you. It is best for websites that require dedicated solutions.

On the other hand, Nexcess is designed for Beginners, Content Sites and eCommerce Websites.
If you need Managed WordPress Hosting, Managed WooCommerce Hosting, Managed Magento Hosting and Managed Membership Sites with superfast performance then Nexcess is best for you.

Nexcess is the best solution for shared hosting, virtual private servers also for dedicated servers and server clusters.


The plans of Nexcess and Liquid Web usually starts from 15$ – 19$.

Nexcess and Liquid Products

NexcessLiquid Web
Fully Managed Magento Hosting from $49/month.Dedicated Servers from $169/month.
Fully Managed WooCommerce Hosting from 9.50$ for 6 months and then $19/month.VPS Hosting from $15/month.
BigCommerce for WordPress from 49$/monthCloud Dedicated from $149/month.
Fully Managed WordPress Hosting from 9.50$ for 6 months and then $19/month.VMware Private Cloud from $510/month
Drupal Cloud Hosting from $29/month.Managed WordPress Hosting from 9.50$ for 6 months and then $19/month.
ExpressionEngine Cloud Hosting from $29/monthManaged WooCommerce Hosting from 9.5$ for 6 months and then $19/month.
Craft CMS Cloud from $29/month.Magento Cloud from $49/month
Membership Sites with WPQuickStart from $49/month.Cloud Servers from $265/month.
Fully Managed WooCommerce Hosting from 9.50$ for 6 months and then $19/month.Private VPS Parent from $149/month.
Hosting from 49$/month
Server Clusters from $743/month.
 High Performance Hosting from US $1,127/month + $50 setup fee
 High Availability Hosting from $1,448/month + $400 setup fee.
Database Hosting from $1,498/month + $400 setup fee
 HIPAA Compliant Hosting from $344/month.

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In simple words, both Nexcess and Liquid Web are extremely powerful hosting providers.

If you have a content website or an eCommerce store not with a high flow of traffic go for Nexcess. I’m not saying Nexcess is only for low traffic websites just saying it’s best for beginners. It is the fastest hosting provider in terms of speed, performance and uptime. Nexcess is best for WordPress sites with a high amount of traffic.

In the same Liquid Web is best for some kind of advanced users who need Dedicated Servers, Cloud Hosting and VPS Hosting. So if you have a website with a high amount of user traffic and you want Dedicated, Cloud and VPS solutions go for Liquid Web.

Liquid Web is a great choice for big businesses in terms of reliability, availability, and security it is hassle-free hosting.

I hope your confusion has gone there might be other differences between Nexcess and Liquid Web based on their plans but I have explained the main difference between them.

If you are still in some kind of confusion please let me know in the comments below.

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