Python is a popular programming language, which is easy to learn and use. It was designed for general-purpose programming and it has a simple and readable syntax.

Python is an interpreted language, which means that the source code can be executed directly without the need to compile it first. Python also has a large library of open-source packages available for use by programmers. Python is a powerful, versatile, and easy-to-learn programming language. It has become a popular choice among developers because of its simple syntax and the availability of libraries for almost every task.

It has many uses I have written article on the Introduction of Python you can read it here.

Best websites to learn python online

1. FreeCodeCamp: is a free, open-source programming education platform with 10 million users. The site is built on the philosophy that “anyone should be able to learn how to code” and offers online courses in 12 different programming languages, including HTML & CSS, JavaScript, Python, and Ruby.

2. Codecademy: Codeacademy offers a free interactive course to introduce people to the basics of coding and programming. The courses are designed to help people learn how to use a programming language like Python by teaching them the fundamentals of syntax, logic, and problem-solving with code.

3. Udacity: Udacity offers an Intro to Computer Science course on Python for free which covers basic programming concepts such as variables, control flow, data structures like lists and dictionaries, importing modules from other sources like NumPy or matplotlib, and object-oriented programming.

4. Big Data Data Science by Harvard University: This free course is geared for beginners and will teach you the skills needed to become a data scientist. It covers topics such as creating interactive visualizations, implementing machine learning algorithms, data exploration with Python tools like Pandas, and more.

5. Udemy: This online resource offers courses on various programming languages with some of the best courses focused on Python being offered by leading instructors such as Jose Portilla ken and Dr. Angela Yu.

6. Linkedin: This is the most comprehensive online library featuring over 10,000 streaming video tutorials on a wide range of topics including Python with some of the best Python courses taught by experienced instructors.

7. This is one of the best online resources for learning Python because it allows users to try out commands and tools by typing them in or clicking on them in an interactive environment.

8. Coursera: This is a great resource for learning Python at your own pace because it offers free courses on a variety of topics. These include machine learning, algorithms, data science, and more.

9. W3schools: W3schools is one of the most popular websites for beginners to learn programming languages. They offer a variety of tutorials on web development, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python.

10. Programiz: This is a site for those who want to learn programming languages like Python, C++, and Java. The website offers tutorials on how to create your first program in each language with the help of examples and video lectures.

11. Geeksforgeeks: This is an educational website that provides free tutorials on programming languages like Python, C++, and Java. The site also has articles related to mathematics and physics as well as other subjects like chemistry or biology. Geeksforgeeks

12. Javapoint: Javapoint is a website that offers free online courses in Java programming language. It also offers articles related to other subjects like mathematics or physics. . There are also free Java books. Javapoint is a website that offers free online courses in Java programming language. It also offers.

13. Copyassignment: There are many websites that provide tutorials for beginners to learn Python. However, the best website for beginners to learn Python is Copyassignment. Copyassignment provides a lot of resources for people who want to learn Python and also provides a step-by-step tutorial to help them understand the language better. The tutorials on are well-designed with simple language and easy instructions that can be followed by anyone, even if they have never coded before in their life!