Microsoft Azure is a Cloud computing service. Every day, people around the world are using the Cloud without even realizing it. Every time you check your e-mail, Social media, or work documents. There’s probably a Cloud service making that possible and while the Cloud or Cloud computing may seem confusing or mysterious. The truth is, it makes our lives easier and can be very safe to use.

The Cloud might sound like something light and fluffy, but it’s actually a massive interconnected system of data centers spread across the globe.

Each data center is made up of hundreds of thousands of servers.

Microsoft Azure is a version of the Cloud, offering hundreds of services, including everything from basic web servers and file storage to complex services that can make sense of images, text, or even DNA.

Software companies and individual developers can mix and match these services and use them as building blocks to create new and interesting things.

Individual customers can also take advantage of Cloud-based services such as Hotmail, Office , and Skype.

In other words, if you use software or an app that requires internet to function, things like Bing, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram, then you’re probably using Cloud service.

Cloud services offer many benefits because your data is stored in the Cloud. You can switch between devices and have the same data everywhere. Also, if you lose your device or it breaks, you can rest easy knowing that your data is safe in the Cloud and can be redownloaded to a new device.

Also Cloud services are often more reliable than anything you can set up at home. Most Cloud services, for example, will store copies of your data on different servers so that if one of them were to malfunction, your data would still be safely backed up elsewhere.

Many people ask how safe are Cloud services?.

Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer. It depends on the security practices of the specific service provider because Microsoft works with Governments, companies, and individuals earning and keeping the trust of all of our customers is a top priority, and because of that we take security very seriously and do everything we can to ensure that Data stays safe and secure in our Cloud.

One example of Microsoft’s security standards is how we treat hard disks and other devices that Could potentially contain customer data. Once a hard disk enters a datacenter, the only way it can leave is after it’s been physically destroyed.

We literally have shredders in our datacenters to smash hard disks to pieces before they leave the building. However, it’s still important to remember that your data is only as secure as its weakest link. That’s why it’s important for you to play your part in keeping your accounts and data secure.

To help keep your Cloud data safe, consider using the following:

  • Use complex hard-to-guess passwords,
  • Use a different password for each account,
  • Use a password manager to manage your passwords,
  • Learn how to identify and avoid e-mail and internet scams,
  • And set up two-factor authentication on all your accounts.

Hopefully, now you know what Microsoft Azure and the Cloud are and the roles both Microsoft and you play in keeping things safe, and with that, hopefully the Cloud will seem less intimidating and you can continue to benefit from everything it has to offer.