The best SMTP plugin for WordPress is the WP Mail SMTP. With the help of this plugin you can easily send all your WordPress emails using an SMTP server.

It’s a WPforms product WPforms is the most powerful and useful WordPress plugin. WP Mail SMTP basically replaces the PHP mailer plugin that essentially comes with WordPress and lets you use SMTP from Gmail, from Outlook, from Mailgun and SendGrid.


WP Mail SMTP comes with the Pro option that s the ability to see an Email Log.

WP Mail SMTP features

An Email Log it shows information when someone fills contact form or brought the product but the server didn’t receive it due to some kind of error.

You would never know any of this information without Email Log. Only the Pro version has the ability to see Email Log.

If we take a look at the pricing I think it’s worth its weight in gold especially when working with larger sites but the Pro is 49$ a year. It’s actually pretty good especially for the support you receive.

WP Mail SMTP Pricing

You get

  • Email controls

  • Email logs which is what we’re talking about.

  • You can use Amazon SES.

  • Mailgun.

  • Gmail/G Suites in the free one.

  • Office 365/outlook is in the pro one where you can connect to those and you that use the SMTP via outlook or Office 365.

  • SendGrid is in the free one.

  • Also other SMTP Services.

  • You also have one-year download support and updates and the biggest thing is the support for 49$ bucks.

The 99$ essentially just adds this white-glove set-up. So you can just say hey set this up for me and they do it and that’s incredible for 99$ bucks. Everything from there up is for developers or agencies at 20 or 100 sites.

You can do a lot with the free one but the email logs that we’re talking about you do need that Pro plugin. So to get the Pro you have to pay the 49$ or whatever.

Steps to see Email Log

Once it’s download you head over to the website you want to add it to go to plugins and then go to add new go to upload choose there it is. Install and give it a minute to install and active it.

Now go to settings and then you have to put in our license key. When you click verify it then says your license key type is Pro and then you can deactivate.WP Mail SMTP insert license key

Before the email test which you can send to yourself. Go to the Email Log which says enable log to keep a record of basic details from the email sent from your site.

This will allow you to view both general information such as the date sent, subject, email status, and technical information (of all headers including TO, CC and BCC) for all sent emails.WP Mail SMTP Email Log

The best part about these logs is that you are sure that your suff is working properly.

The another option comes up that is Log Email Content after enabling Email Log. You keep a record of all content from the emails on your site this may contain personal information.

I actually don’t want this on I just want the log and the headers so we can go through the technical information to make the stuff work so go to save.

The free one doesn’t have Email controls but it is on, on the Pro one which is fantastic.WP Mail SMTP Email Controls

You can decide which emails you’d like to enable.


  • Comments Awaiting Moderation You turn that on or off.
  • Published a comment has been published you can turn that on or off.

Change of Admin Email

  • Site admin email change attempt those are great to leave on
  • Site admin email changed

Change of user email or password

  • Reset password request
  • Password reset successfully
  • The password changed
  • Email change attempt
  • Email changed

Personal Stuff

  • User confirmed export/erase request
  • Admin erased data

Automatic Updates

  • Status the failure for background updates.
  • Full log of updates

New User

  • New admin user is created

So you can turn all those off its controls you otherwise wouldn’t get anywhere else which is great.

Under Miscellaneous, there are options available to you when that are also on the free version.WP Mail SMTP miscellaneous

Give it a sometime to stack up some emails. On the left-hand side under WP Mail SMTP you’ll see an email log.WP Mail SMTP Email Logs

So go ahead and click that and you’ll see a bunch of gravity form submissions.WP Mail SMTP Submission forms

It shows log details on the far right, it such as the mailer, attachments and the particular log ID happens to be one and then you can delete it.WP Mail SMTP Email log details

Email details

Created: it was created today at 00.00 a.m.

To: It went to me.

From: It was from them.

Subject: This is the subject.WP Mail SMTP view Email Log details

Technical details: Says a little bit more information which are hidden in the accordian.

So it says the date, who is from, the message-id, the mailer and then has the number probably the version what it was the version etc.WP Mail SMTP Email log technical details

So this snippet here you can send to your IT guy or mail department and say hey this was sent out, do you see this what happened was it blocked etc.

Lastly the WP mail SMTP is the simple and secure SMTP server. It is the best way to connect all other SMTP services. You can get the free one if you search for this and get mail sent out very easily or you can get the Pro one on their website for the pricing I showed before.

This is best plugin for agencies, for any e-commerce sites or ones that are generating a lot of leads.