Semrush is a product that helps you optimize your website for search engines. It now has a massive user base of over 7 million and is one of the most popular SEO tools currently available on the market.

Semrush OverviewSemrush works by giving you a lot of information that you can use to do things such as create new web content that is likely to attract traffic. It likes you to identify link-building opportunities. You can tweak the technical aspects of your site content so that you can achieve the highest ranking.

Semrush can give you keyword suggestions based on phrases you enter. That can be used as the basis for like writing blog posts that are likely to perform well in search results.

It can also tell you how difficult it will be to rank for specific search phrases. It also suggests websites that might be worth approaching for backlinks. It allows you to perform an SEO audit on your website to find out if there are any technical improvements you can make. So that will help you to achieve better search results.

There are so many other features provided by Semrush that are designed to help you improve your site’s position in search results. So one of the major advantages of having an SEO and keyword analysis suite like Semrush in your toolbox is that you’ll probably not run out of features to improve your business.

One month you might start looking into like competitor analysis or something. The next month you could explore something like entirely different.

Now because Semrush honestly does have just too many features. I’m going to talk about the ones I found myself using the most. Just the features that I think are the best and you’ll be most interested.

1. Keyword Magic Tool

Keyword-Magic-ToolSo keyword research in Semrush appears confusing at first. But it’s essentially an advanced version of the Google Keywords Planner. Your research all begins by typing in potential keywords. Semrush will then display search volume, numbers, and trends along with suggestions for keywords that may be easier for you to rank for.

This is an absolute must-have for people doing keyword research because it does a lot of automation. It makes your life much easier in terms of identifying user intent for instance and also different types of cluster keywords that you can try and target.

It really quickly comes up with a bunch of great keyword ideas. You’ve got the standard metrics. So search volume keyword difficulty, CPC, competition stuff like that.

Semrush Keyword Ideas

What I like about this is you can add keywords to your keyword manager. So you can track them you can also filter by specific words.

The other thing that you can do is go on to questions and you’ll get a bunch of questions that you can use. Maybe for faq’s and things like that.

Semrush Questions Tab

All of this is really smooth really quick you can then add to different types of keywords. You can tag these keywords and you can really filter everything down.

It just makes your life so much easier when you’re performing keyword research. I think definitely this tool is my favorite feature in Semrush to use.

I’ve tried loads of different Keyword research tools out there but the keyword magic tool is definitely my go-to when it comes to keyword research.

You can search for broad exact and phrase keywords all of which are excellent for finding keywords. You may not have thought about it before.

2. Posting Tracking Tool

Position Tracking Tool

The position tracking tool from Semrush combines reports and SEO checking tools to reveal how well your website is doing compared to others in your industry. Most of these tools are under the projects tab in Semrush.

This is something I use every single day to track how my rankings are performing over time. So when you get to the landscape tab.

You’ve got an idea in terms of your visibility estimated traffic and your average positions as well as seeing the rankings distribution. Also how many keywords you’re ranking for in particular clusters in terms of top three top 3 top 10, top 20, and top 100.

You can also see your top keywords and seeing the most recent positive impacts and negative impacts as well as seeing how your competitors are doing in terms of their visibility

You also got loads more things such as cannibalization, health pages, and SERP features that you are ranking for. I always go to the overview tab because I can see a visibility trend chart that updates every single day. So I can see how my visibility is doing overtime.

What I love about this specifically is it’s got all the keywords there that I’ve decided to track. It will tell me where they’re ranking for today and where they’re ranking for about a week before.

It also tells me the difficulty, the visibility of the estimated traffic that I’m getting, Search volume, and CPC as well. The destination URL which is really important to know to see which pages are actually ranking for which keyword.

This is very accurate there have been a couple of times where I’ve checked a certain keyword. I couldn’t find it in the position it was meant to be but on the whole of the time all of these are very accurate and they update daily.

You get emails every single day telling you what the major changes have been within that 24 hour period.

The on-page SEO checker has you upload and link to all of your website pages. After that, it makes suggestions as to how you can improve your SEO. The rank tracking tools are also great for content marketing. Seeing as how you can type in specific keywords and see how your pages and blog posts rank when average users search for those keywords.

So all in all the Semrush rank tracking features seem intuitive and powerful enough to help you constantly keep an eye on how well you’re ranking in the search engines. You also get the bonus of social media tracking as well.

3. Competitive Research Toolkit.

Competitive Research Toolkit

So the Semrush keyword suggestion and search engine ranking tools are like very high quality. But honestly, Semrush truly excels with competitor analysis. It’s the ultimate spying tool where you type in keywords that Semrush compares several competitor websites with your site. It then displays the top ranking keywords from all of those sites with information on whether or not you can compete by targeting those Keywords.

There’s also a feature called Market Explorer essentially the market explorer takes your website and reveals similar websites. You can see how those other sites get their traffic and establish a plan to focus on things like referrals search or social marketing it’s up to you.

4. Site Audit ToolSite Audit Tool

The site audit tool is actually really really good in terms of providing you the very detailed information. In terms of your technical SEO and other elements of your website that you may need to fix the case, you’ve got any errors or things like that.

There are six different tabs within this site audit tool. The overview tab is really good to straight away give you any error warnings or notices that you have on your site. You can take a look to see how many pages were crawled. You can see if they’re healthy broken or if they have issues etc.

Semrush Overview tab

You know you get your overall site health and then you’ve got these reports about crawl ability, your site performance, HTTPS, and internal linking. Which is really interesting to get into as well.

You’ll have the top issues listed right off the bat. So you can see what the biggest problems are with your site.

Now one of my favorite tabs within this tool is the crawled pages because you can easily see the crawl depth. The issues that these specific pages have you can see the canonicalization. You can also reorder the URL in case you’ve made any changes.

When you move on to the site structure as well you’ll be able to see exactly how many URLs are included depending on the site structure.

If you’ve got www as the main version of your site you can see how many URLs show up there. Also issues and things like that and the other tab. What I really like is the progress tab and this just gives you a better indication in terms of how well you’ve been fixing your website in terms of addressing issues over time.

5. Keyword Gap Tool

Keyword Gap Tool

Keyword gab tool is actually really really good at determining which keywords your competitors are ranking for that you aren’t. The way it visualizes all of this is absolutely great for those who like seeing graphs of different types of data. You can put up to four different competitors.

So I’ve got my domain and then four competitors domain and you put the country in you click compare. It will quickly find any keyword overlaps in terms of the keywords that your competition that I don’t.

Semrush Keyword Overlaps

It also gives you the top opportunities that you can try and rank for which your not ranking for. You can view the details of all of that and when you scroll down you can see exactly where you rank respective to your competitors for different keywords which is really important as well.

So you know which keywords you need to try and focus on more. You get all the standard metrics such as the search volume of the keywords, the keyword difficulty score, CPC competitive density. Also the amount of results that show up for that keyword.

So this feature on its own is really powerful because this will help sort of guide your content strategy in a way. Because you can figure out exactly what type of content you can make to try and target different keywords.

6. SEO Content Template

SEO Content Template

Once we’ve got the ideas of the types of keywords we need to target. You can get a content template that basically tells you so much about How you should be targeting these keywords. So all you have to do is enter a keyword that you want to target.

Really quickly it comes up with a template where it tells you about semantically related words that you might want to include in this content. It comes up with different domains that you should try and get backlinks from.

It tells you what the average readability score is in terms of the top-ranking domains for that particular keyword. Also, it gives you the recommended text length as well.

Semrush SEO recommendations

So you get an idea of exactly what the competition is doing that’s actually ranking for that keyword. It’s really important to know this because if they’re ranking in the top 10 positions obviously they are being rewarded by Google.

So getting to know what these websites are doing will help you in terms of creating your own content. You can also see when you scroll down in terms of how your competitors are using your target keyword.

The other thing that’s really interesting about this tool is the real-time content check. Which I think people don’t utilize enough. So I’ve just gone ahead and pasted some content from my service page.

Semrush Real Time Content Check

It will give me a score in terms of how good it is in terms of SEO, in terms of tone of voice, originality, and readability. It also will give you some tips to consider in terms of word count things like that and also recommending keywords that you should be adding into this content as well.

Now as I mentioned there are a ton of other useful tools included in Semrush those are just a few of the standouts for me. There’ll be tools in there that you use daily and I barely ever touch and vice versa.

Is it Worth For The Money?

Basically, they have everything anyone could possibly need so you might be thinking to yourself by now. Well, all of these features this sounds pretty damn expensive.

Honestly, it’s really not Semrush starts at 119.95$ per month per user. However, they do offer that one-week free trial. So you should be getting on that 100%.

If you’re thinking to yourself that sounds expensive just give the free trial a shot. I’m sure you will change your mind the amount of like helpful tools that Semrush has to offer is honestly just absolutely crazy.

Once you see that you’re honestly going to think that is very very cheap.

Final Thoughts

So overall I think Semrush is an essential tool for any website or a business owner.

SEMRush is more than just a single tool. It’s really a whole suite of utilities that offer a variety of insights to help you build a brand.

Semrush is perfect for anyone owning a marketing firm or even a single company looking to get ahead of the competition.

This is a great entry tool for new SEO professionals and helps us train new employees on some SEO best practices.

It’s an essential thing for me these days. Just give it a shot you’ll get access to a seven-day free trial of Semrush.