You might be looking for the best live chat software. I’m going to show you the best live chat software out there. Also the ones that we like the most.

1. LiveChat

LiveChat is the industry leader in the live chat software world. It’s super easy to set up and install a free live chat on your WordPress site.

It comes with beautifully designed live chat support app that you and your agents can use on your laptops, tablet mobile devices. Basically means you can chat with customers while on the go without having to log into your WordPress dashboard.

You can add surveys before and after live chat session which is really important and helpful. So you can evaluate how your support team and sales team are performing.

When your team is off during the off hours. You can set up a workflow so users can easily send a support ticket directly from the live chat form. It’s really robust live chat also have tons of integrations with popular CRM software’s like hubspot.

They integrate seamlessly with google analytics all the top email marketing services like MailChimp etc. and this will save you a ton of time. So you won’t have to enter the customer details manually into other systems.

The best feature that we like about LiveChat is the speed. Their chat window loads extremely fast works on all devices and offer a much better user experience than most other Live chat software that exists.

They also Have many support tools that help us improve our customer communication. Such as tracking visitor, visitor goals, proactive chat bubbles to increase conversations a smart API that integrates with our knowledge base and so much more.

2. Sendinblue

The are one of the popular email marketing services that also have recently added a beginner friendly live chat software. What you have to do is just set up a chat box under the account and then add it to your website using their WordPress plugin.

They allow you to easily convert your website visitors into customers by answering their any last minute questions via live chat. The cool thing is the chat automatically integrates with the larger sendinblue marketing automation platforms. Which enables you to capture more leads and you know. Because it seamlessly integrates with the email marketing.

You have complete marketing automation segmentation and access to their other tools like retargeting for Facebook ads based on user intent. Sending blue basically offers a complete marketing package with CRM, SMS and email marketing along with landing pages and live chat and other growth tools.

So ultimately when you’re using set in blue. You’re not just getting a live chat software but you’re getting a powerful toolkit that helps you convert more visitors into paying customers.

3. ChatBot

Now makes it super easy for small businesses to use the powerful AI chat bots to boost customer engagement and grow your business. It comes with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that you can use to create your own chat box.

They also have dozens of ready-made templates for various scenarios in various industries. That makes it easy for you to design custom Conversation scenarios and chat routing for your . For example you can use an e-commerce bot template. That helps walk you through their customers through entire buying process.

You could also use a lead generation Bot to power up your sales and book more calls. Their sales bot template lets you sell products directly from the chat box window. Which is really powerful for making conversions on it.

They have a lot of other bot templates that include customer service restaurant package bot. Which is super helpful and Recruitment and so much more.

The templates truly are a powerful part of this because. It lets you get started quickly. So you don’t have to dig into trying to create your own chat box. It just makes it easier for you.

Now simply put it allows you to create a virtual assistant on your website your Facebook pages, social media and messaging apps. If the user wants to communicate with a real person. It makes it super easy to forward that information on to your customer support agent Facebook messenger, phone call support or whatever you need it to do.

Now they also integrate seamlessly with WordPress and woocommerce that really helps boost the engagement on your website.

4. Olark

Olark is a popular live chat solution for online businesses. It’s easy to use you can add Olark for to WordPress quite easily. You just copy a little bit of code and add it in there.

If you’re not comfortable with copying code then you can even install their plugin that makes it even easier.

Now they offer integrations with other services such as Salesforce, Zendesk Highrise and several other third-party mobile apps. They allow you to connect Olart chat from almost any IOS or android device. So you can even chat with customers on the go.

5. LiveAgent

They are one of the leading Omni channel live chat and help desk software. They offer suite of software including email ticketing live chat video, chat time tracking, call, center, and more. Basically it is an all-in-one customer support solution.

If you do not have a support test system already then using the live agent suite can make things easy. Because it’s an all-in-one platform very similar to Zendesk chat and others. They offer seamless integrations with WordPress and just by every other popular website builder.

They also integrate seamlessly with all The top email marketing services CRM’s and other market platforms

6. Chaport

Now if you’re looking for a free Live chat support software for WordPress. Then you might want to check this one out. They offer free forever plan with unlimited chats, history notifications, unlimited register operators and up to five operators at a time.

They have light chat support apps for mobile devices chat widgets that you can use reporting and analytics. That are integrated third party integrations through Zapier. Their pay plans will give you more access to more features such as typing, insights, visitor notes.

You can do saved replies file sending auto invitations and more. So if you’re looking for a free item that you can start with then look at Chatport.

7. Intercom

You cannot talk about live chat and not include intercom in a list. It is a very flexible tool that helps you capture leads engage users and boost conversions. They have a messaging service with live chat widgets that you can automate with your own flows. Add chat bots and add tons of engagement for customers.

Now intercom is not just a live chat support software. It can be used as an onboarding tool it can be a support assistant. It could be a lead generation tool marketing automation and a user engagement software.

Now if you’re just looking for a live chat software then you may not be able to utilize intercom’s full potential. On the other hand if you want your live chat support software to do all these other tasks then you’re going to love intercom.

It’s super easy to use integrates with google analytics has a CRM integration slack email marketing service integration and a whole lot more.

8. Freshchat

It’s another good live support service that has awesome features with that. Will actually rival some of the more well-known companies that are out there. Now it’s designed to be a conversation and messenger app.

It allows you to start real-life chats with customers using agents or AI powered bots. It also offers customer timeline views live profiles in-app campaigns. You can do co-browsing customizable bots and automated conversions. You can connect chats to support tickets on Zandesk or in the Slack channel.

Your team can use smart plugs, canned , labels, private notes or desktop notifications to be even more productive for you.

One of the best features about it is the speed on the website. It doesn’t slow down your site. If you want to try out live chat make sure you click the link below. Where we’ve negotiated a discount for you.