If you’re frustrated because you’re not getting the views or subscribers you want on your YouTube videos. It’s probably because you’re making one of the biggest mistakes that new YouTubers make.

Here are the top 10 mistakes that new YouTubers make.

1. Looking into the lens of your camera

Number one not is looking into the lens of your camera or phone. It’s so tempting when you’re recording yourself to look at the screen rather than the lens of the camera. Keep in mind if you don’t do that it’s like someone looking at your ear or your mouth. When you’re talking to somebody you want to look right at them. It’s the same when recording look right at the lens when recording videos.

2. YouTube comments

The second mistake is spamming the YouTube comments of other people’s videos. This looks like doing things like sub for sub or blatant self-promotion on other people’s content. It’s okay to add valuable comments on other people’s videos that may link back to your channel. But people can tell if you’re just self-promoting and that’s not ultimately going to help you grow it’s actually only going to hurt you.

3. Bad YouTube titles

Mistake number three is bad or confusing YouTube titles, so many people try to cram so much into the title the name of their channels the day all kinds of keywords. These might seem helpful but they actually hurt your video. Ask yourself is the title clickable, how can I create curiosity and take some time to study. The great YouTube channels with great titles because titles are one of the most important keys to getting more views on your videos.

4. Being inconsistent

Now think of your favourite show you watch it week to week. It shows up on Sundays but one week it doesn’t show up. It would be horrific you would be terrified. You’d be asking where is my show that’s the same concept when it comes to your YouTube channel. Being consistent is so important for building an audience because you want to be there every single week. But consistency also doesn’t just mean frequency. Consistency is also about being consistent with your message, consistent with your brand, consistent with the feeling that people get and the expectation that they have when they watch your videos.

If you ever had a dysfunctional parent it wasn’t just their presence that was important. You weren’t sure if they were going to be drunk, if they were going to be high or if they were going to actually be there and support you. Think about it you want people to have a consistent emotion and connection with your YouTube channel so consistency is key.

5. Not getting to the point

Mistake number five is not getting to the point we’ve all seen it haven’t we you’re watching a video and someone is so long-winded even though you want the information. Trim the fluff to make the video more powerful. When you’re starting on YouTube start with shorter videos and think about how can you make your videos half short and twice strong.

6. Distracting backgrounds

Mistake number six is distracting backgrounds, you want to make sure the focus is on whatever message or value you’re delivering. So this can be as simple as decluttering the background shooting in a nice quiet area or making sure whatever is in the shot enhances the message or value and doesn’t take away from it.

7. Bad audio or video or lighting

Mistake number seven is having bad audio, video or lighting. While you don’t have to have a super expensive or fancy camera to grow a YouTube channel. It is important that people can see you and hear you so think about investing in a microphone. Getting a simple softbox lighting kit or shooting by a window and setting up your camera on a tripod. So that the experience with your content is as clean and clear as possible you ready.

8. Low energy

Mistake number is eight low energy, one of the number one fears people have is not being confident on camera and half the battle is having the right energy to have a presence in your video. Did you know that the camera not only adds 10 pounds to you but also takes away of the energy? So you have to the right presence on camera in your videos to double your energy. So you can keep people’s attention.

9. Cluttered thumbnails

This could be unclear fonts too many words or an image that is just too busy for that small thumbnail real estate. Remember most people are watching YouTube on their smartphone and so you really want to make things larger, make things clear, make things more bright, make things more vibrant. If you want to get more views on your videos get better at thumbnails.

10. Impatience

The final mistake is impatience that so many creators make the mistake of judging the results too early. If you’re going to go to the gym and get in shape or lose some weight you wouldn’t expect those results in one day. It’s going to take weeks months if not years and the same thing goes for YouTube. Have patience keep uploading and remember to have grace for the results that you get upfront. So continue to post on YouTube.