I’m going to explain What Clubhouse is, how to join, and why it can be a goldmine for marketers.

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is an invite only app that allows users to launch or drop in on audio only chat rooms with like minded people. It’s like always having a front row seat to the best conversations on topics you actually care about.

To join you need two things

  • An iPhone and
  • An invitation from a Clubhouse member— VIP status here people.

I’m in marketing. Why should I care about clubhouse? Isn’t that just for influencers and celebrities?

Well in just a few weeks Clubhouse has jumped from 600,000 to 8 million active members gained a 100$ million valuation, and hosted some of the world’s top thought leaders from Gary V. to Oprah. Providing a whole new level of possibility for connection between brand and audience all while you’re still trying to figure out.

How to use Clubhouse?

1. Accept The Invitation (Clubhouse is invite only).

If you never received this text, then you can’t get in.

2. Pick Topics Of Your Interest

You can choose topics you’re most interested in from a long list to help customize the content the app will suggest to you.

3. Create a Profile

If you’ve set up one profile, you know the drill—name tag and a good profile picture.

Now fill in with your home page and so on.

4. Use The Explore Tab

You just have the magnifying glass icon to explore a bit.

Clubs are groups of users interested in the same topics.

5. Join The Club

To find clubs, you can either go back to the Explore tab or look up something a bit more specific in the search bar.

6. Create Your Own Club

Once you’ve posted three discussions or rooms in Clubhouse, you can apply to create your own clubs. But choose carefully.

For now at least Clubhouse is only offering one club per user. So pick a club or topic you don’t mind being around for a while.

7. Drop In a Room

When you see a room you want to join. Just tap it to start listening.

8. Request To Speak

You want to speak in a room you’ve joined?

Press the hand icon to be added to the speaker request list.

9. Want to leave a room?

Just tap “Leave quietly.”

10. Invite Your Friends

When you join Clubhouse, you get a number of invites. That you can now use to turn your friends into instead VIPs.

How to be good at Clubhouse?

1. Create a Club

Establish what you want to be known for and create a club. If you don’t have an idea, check out a few rooms related to your industry for topic inspiration.

That inspiration will eventually equal your first Clubhouse Club.

2. Find Guests to Co-host Your Events.

The larger their audience, the farther your reach. STA—swagger through association.

By getting people with large followings to co-host an event with you. You’re not only going to get a [? Cosign ?] from them. But more importantly, from their much larger audience who now all know all about you.

3. Engage the audience.

When it comes to Clubhouse, you are not the star of the show. So don’t get greedy with the attention. You are there to start the conversation not dominate it.

4. Lastly, Promote Your Next Event in Every Event.

Ask people to follow your account and join your club that way you’ll grow your numbers. And they’ll always get that ding letting them know when it’s time to join your conversation.