Sometimes you’d better be careful what you ask for. Especially if what you wish is not listed on the page. Or you may, and most likely will get burned. Like this anonymous man who has been mercilessly roasted by a masseur named Amber after asking her for something that’s not on the service menu.

Turns out, the man was “more interested in the stuff that isn’t listed,” and he then added “like happy endings lol.” At this point, Amber was like “gotcha, say no more,” and a savagely hilarious chat between the two ensued.

The masseur not only had something to offer to the potential client, she had a full 3 packages ready on the table. Read the full chat captured in screenshots that’s basically a masterclass in how to handle awkward questions, unsolicited offers, and weirdo people all at once.

A customer asks for a service that’s not listed on the page, the masseur hilariously shuts him down with a priceless counter-offer

Image credits: Morgan Sherwood (not the actual photo)

Image credits: Amber Says

Many people found the masseur’s response brilliant

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